Looking to Get Moving With Friends?

Our two-on-one personal training can be your new group activity

Everything's better with a friend - watching movies, going shopping and even doing laundry. Now you can make working out in Orchard Park, NY better with ALP Fitness & Wellness. With our two-on-one personal training sessions, you and your buddy can both meet your fitness goals.
Our two-on-one personal training sessions are a fun, fresh activity for you and a friend - or partner - to try together. With the help of our personal trainer, you two can motivate and encourage each other to break out of your comfort zones for better results.
Do you have someone in mind already? Reach out today to learn more about our two-on-one pricing packages for you and your workout buddy.

Exercise is double the fun with a friend

When you schedule a two-on-one training session with us, you can expect customizable workouts that address your needs and those of your partner. You can choose to make your sessions 30 minutes or one hour and decide if we will all meet two, three or four times a week.
Our services are available for men and women, and can be a fun activity for any duo, including:

  • Couples
  • Friends
  • Siblings
  • Families
  • Coworkers

We're ready to start designing your two-on-one personal training schedule. Contact us now to get moving with your favorite workout buddy.