Supercharge Your Workouts With a Dedicated Personal Trainer

We're ready to help you accomplish your fitness goals

It's not the workout that's keeping you from going to the gym, it's the dread of it. Your fitness goals seem impossible to achieve, right? It's challenging to avoid those negative thoughts when you feel like you're not making progress.

You need an exercise friend who can remind you of your accomplishments. You need ALP Fitness & Wellness for supportive and enthusiastic personal training in Orchard Park, NY.

With our fun and fast-paced personal training sessions, you can reclaim your workouts with renewed energy. We'll always keep you focused on how far you've come and how far you have to go.

Ready to meet your new gym buddy? Get in touch with us today to schedule your first personal training session.

Embrace your change

We believe that fitness and weightlifting can transform your life. Regular exercise strengthens your muscles and joints, boosts your mental health and increases your ability to focus. Whatever your reason for regular exercise, we'll help you discover workouts that fuel your motivation to achieve lasting results.
Our personal training sessions are no-shame zones. We'll get you to your goal physique, but we won't let you put yourself down in the process. You're doing great just by making the effort. We're just here to help you jump-start your workouts with a little push and a lot of excitement.

Let's be workout buddies

Our personal training will get you back in the gym with confidence. We offer 30-minute and one-hour sessions for men and women that can be held at Orchard Park Barbelle or our founder's home gym. Our programs are customized to fit your exercise needs, and can include:

Bodybuilding and weightlifting
High-intensity interval training
High-endurance circuit training
High-intensity powerlifting

Looking to train with a friend or partner? We also offer two-on-one sessions so you and your buddy can break a sweat together. Take control of your fitness now by contacting us about becoming your personal trainer.